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2021, September


Overjoyz is all about discovering and sharing beautifully crafted Gifts with the world.

The wait was finally over, you don't need  to visit tons of places in order to find a gift anymore

My heart skipped a few beats as I stepped into the beautifully merchandised store filled with unique, amazing stuff that every gifts addict could only dream of, all in one place. I knew we had made a spectacular discovery and that we needed to get started right away.

We spent countless nights researching and reaching out to be better experts, learning and gathering ideas from passionate suppliers who could make our dreams a reality.

Our mission was to hunt down the best and curated range of amazing gifts that fit everyone's needs. Our family at Overjoyz wants to help you and give you the easiest and most seamless experience while building you the perfect collection that will support you.

Decorate Your Home!

Managing an online business requires different skills and abilities than managing a business in the ‘real world.’ Customers can easily detect the size and determine the prestige of a business when they have the ability to walk in and take a look around. Not only do ‘real-world’ furnishings and location tell the customer what level of professionalism to expect, but "real world" personal encounters allow first impressions to be determined by how the business approaches its customer service. When a customer walks into a retail business just about anywhere in the world, that customer expects prompt and personal service, especially with regards to questions that they may have about products they wish to purchase.

Customer service or client service is the service provided to the customer for his satisfaction during and after the purchase. It is necessary for every business organization to understand the customer needs for value-added service. So customer data collection is essential. For this, good customer service is important. The easiest way to lose a client is because of poor customer service. The importance of customer service changes by product, industry, and customer. Client service is an important part of every business organization. Each organization is different in its attitude towards customer service. Customer service requires a superior quality service through a careful design and execution of a series of activities which include people, technology, and processes. Good customer service starts with the design and communication between the company and the staff.

In some ways, the lack of a physical business location allows the online business some leeway that their ‘real-world counterparts do not enjoy. Location is not important, furnishings are not an issue, and most of the visual first impression is made through the professional design of the business website.

However, one thing still remains true. Customers will make their first impressions on the customer service they encounter. Unfortunately, in online business, there is no opportunity for front-line staff to make a good impression. Every interaction the customer has with the website will be their primary means of making their first impression towards the business and its client service. Good customer service in any online business is a direct result of good website design and planning.